Hello and welcome. I‘m Karl Abson and this is my portfolio.

Here you can view examples of my work including Dan & the Magic Musician, winner of the BBC innovation award, now being used all over the world as well as examples of my motion capture work.

I work in the area of 3D animation specializing in motion capture. I have a very technical background and I am currently working at the University of Bradford as a lecturer in Creative Technology. As well as animation I am also skilled in subjects relating to other forms of media including games, special effects and the web.

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Mr. Karl Abson

Lecturer in Creative Technology
The University of Bradford

Email: k.abson@scim.brad.ac.uk
Phone: 01274 236134 / 5422

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) MA
Course leader BSc Computer Animation and Special Effects
Admissions Tutor - Creative Technology

Awards and Recognition

Animator of "Dan and the Magic Musician" (Concept, script and production, Lucy & Peter Comerford), winner of the BBC Connect and Create Award for Innovation 2009 www.DanMagic.org.


Karl has always displayed a keen interest in research and development and since studying an undergraduate degree in computing has followed a strong focus in using technology in new ways. Since completing an MA in computer animation this interest has become more pronounced as Karl looked at repurposing technology normally used in the gaming and animated film industry for use in the educational sector during the masters.

Since graduating this interest in research and development has continued into his professional career. Karl's professional role now consists of a mixture of teaching, research and work with industry. Over the past three years his work in the area of motion capture has proven to be a great source of excitement with developments in quadruped capture, real time capture and the development of virtual sets and virtual cameras.

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