CG Effects for Motion Capture

The major area of specialization I hold is motion capture. However to use motion capture effectively you also need to use many other areas of specialism depending on the media form in which the motion capture data is going to be used.

One noticeable area is computer generated effects. The use of MoCap in media forms such as games or animated films would be very unconvincing in most cases without the use of effects such as cloth and hair simulation on humans or fur on animals.

With this in mind I have learned many of these areas in order to make the use of motion capture more attractive to the viewer.

One such example which is shown below is the use of Syflex to create realistic hair. This simulation technology can create hair which interacts and reacts with collision objects as well as gravity and other forces such as wind. More examples will soon come to this page including Syflex for cloth simulation as well as examples of fur and facial animation.

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