Research & Commercial Work

Motion capture was originally created for the purposes of medical treatment and research. Its uses in the creative industry are still heavily a secret even though most noticeably it can be seen in use on films such as James Cameron’s Avatar.

My experience of supporting my teaching with industry based work means that I have had first-hand contact with both industry and academia, including academic research. One noticeable example would be my recent completion of a placement at Centroid 3D, located at Pinewood studios. Centroid 3D is one example of my many contacts in this area. Since making contact they have proven to be a great asset to both myself and the school giving guest lectures, demonstrations and placements. Another example of my industry based work is the capture and cleanup of MoCap data to be used in adverts to promote sales of the Nintendo Wii and DS. My knowledge of the field of animation is practical as well as theoretical, and is therefore of relevance not only in teaching situations but to the animation, gaming & television industries as well.

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To further motion capture research is needed to both work out its problems and advance the technology. I actively search out ways in which to do this. I am currently working on a number of lines of research most noticeably in the areas of animal capture, facial capture, real time capture and prop making. Details regarding work in these areas is often available on my blog.

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